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Solving Affordability and Access to Chiropractic Care
While Preserving the Integrity of Doctor-Patient Relationship

The health insurance industry and government health plans have placed limits on certain kinds of care. Whether it is by expanding the list of procedures not covered by the health plans, or by placing those procedures under the high deductible provisions of the plans, the result is that patients and doctors must work out arrangements to provide affordable access to these procedures.

Manipulation therapies fall into the broad category of procedures being limited for coverage. As a result; chiropractic patients end up without the benefit of negotiated fees for services; and chiropractors end up with high outstanding receivables waiting for benefit statements from health plans. Neither the patient nor doctor is well served by this inconvenient and problematic situation.

ChiroCare was developed by a group of chiropractors interested in finding a solution. ChiroCare is available ONLY through participating chiropractic practices. ChiroCare is affordably priced at $39 annually for family access. ChiroCare is used only for fee arrangements between the patient and doctor based on the pre-arranged structure contained in the participating ChiroCare agreement.

For patients with high deductible insurance plans and/or medical savings accounts, ChiroCare is a valued way to maximize the value of your out of pocket chiropractic expenses. For patients with limited insurance coverage for usual chiropractic procedures, ChiroCare is a valued way to obtain the care they need. For patients without health coverage and who need chiropractic care, ChiroCare is their key to affordable access.

For chiropractors, ChiroCare provides the way to maintain the patient relationship the profession has always supported. Unencumbered by plan and insurance conflicting limits and exclusions, the patient and the doctor are able to focus on treatment plans that have high value and best results.

ChiroCare – the affordable way to maintain accessible chiropractic care.

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